Please Review The Terms And Conditions Before Purchasing.

Before purchasing Video Valet today, please review the terms and conditions.

Video Valet Terms and Conditions
Hours of Operation

Digital Systems, LLC corporate office is open Monday – thru Friday 9a.m. – 5p.m. PST
Digital Systems, LLC shipping department is open Monday – thru Friday 9a.m. – 5p.m. CST
We close for all government observed holidays
This policies and procedures applies to the following Digital Systems Product

Video Valet –

Billing Address

Billing address must be the same as the shipping address. Due to credit card procedures, we cannot ship to a different address than we bill to.
Returns & Subscription Cancellations


At Video Valet we care about your success and want to make 100% sure you are satisfied with your order. However due to this being a very simple service and being based around SEO we have a very strict refund policy

By joining Video Valet you agree to this refund policy

At video valet we can only guarantee that we will build backlinks to your videos in relation to the package you signed up for. We cannot guarantee rankings of any kind. We also expect the client to have done proper keyword research and on-page optimization to get the most of out service.

The goal of the system is increased rankings for your videos, however due to the many factors that contribute to SEO being on the system does not guarantee higher rankings nor do we guarantee increased rankings at any time. You are 100% liable for your videos and it's rankings. We are 100% liable for adding you to our system and ensuring your links remain there and received continue boosts from our inner slipstream system.

Once you have reserved a spot in our system, unless we do not full fill your order or make an error, no refunds will be given. This is the equivalent to renting an apartment. If your links "live" there for a month, or sign up to "live" there then rent is owed, case closed.

Refunds will be granted in the following cases

1) If your order is messed up: For example if we link to the wrong videos or use the wrong anchor text you provide us (anchor text diversity not included i.e. terms like “click here” “youtube” etc).

2) If we fail to provide sample links from our system every 90 days: We will provide links for every video that you submit. These links will be pulled from out network block sites that your information is posted on.

The following do not constitute refunds

1) Signing up for our service but not using it: When you sign up, you are reserving a spot someone else wanted. This is similar to reserving a spot at a football game In short, if you sign up and do not attempt to use our service, you are still held accountable. We have a full customer support staff that will help you fulfill your order, so if you are unsure consult with them

2) Customer support related: We have a staff that will respond within 24 hours, and always do their best to assist you. Of course if our staff does something unprofessional we will be more than happy to refund you. However, our team may take more than a day to respond and there is a SLIM chance they may miss your ticket. Keyword: Slim. In anything but extreme cases this will not constitute a refund

3) Results based: Backlinking is just one aspect of SEO. Your rankings are also based on:

Your past SEO work
How optimized your video is
Your video not currently being under a penalty
... because of so many variables it is impossible for us to provide refunds based on results.

4) Renewing by accident: Like stated before you are renting space from us and we have a closed to the public business. This means when you rent a spot from us we sold it to you over someone else. This also means that when you renew you have told us to hold your spot, thus preventing us from letting others in.

It is your responsibility to either:

Cancel recurring payment by sending a request to [email protected]
Let us know before your 30 day renewal that you wish to cancel

5) Personal Family Issues: We understand that life happens. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time it takes to setup your account and the exclusiveness of Video Valet, we cannot offer you a refund based on you not using the service. As stated above, you rent a spot from us we sold it to you over someone else.


Thank You

At Video Valet we truly care about your results and will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. We do have to protect ourselves from being taken advantage of though.

If you have any questions what so ever about our refund policy please contact our customer support

Terms of Subscription Renewal

Monthly Video Valet Subscriptions automatically renew each month at the stated retail price until the subscription buyer notifies the company that they wish to cancel. Please refer to Returns & Subscription Cancellations section of the Terms of Service page.

Yearly/Quarterly/Biannual Video Valet Subscribers will be notified via email prior to renewal with the option to renew at the original yearly/quarterly/biannual price. If the subscriber does NOT notify the company that they wish to continue at the yearly/quarterly/biannual price, the subscribers account will renew at the original yearly price.

Personal Checks

All checks are held for 10 business days. Orders placed with a check will be held for 10 business days. Once 10 business days is complete, the order will be released and shipped.
All returned check will be charged a $25 USD return check fee.
Counter checks will not be accepted.
Checks and money orders must be sent in US funds.
Customer Service:

If you have questions or comments regarding Digital Systems, LLC products, please email us at [email protected] or call 480-376-7226

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